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Book a Meeting Room
The meeting rooms in the Hamburg Township Library are available for educational, cultural, and civic purposes. Rooms are not available for partisan political rallies or for purely social occasions. Click here for meeting room policies and application form.

Have an Exam Proctored
The Hamburg Township Library offers proctoring services at no cost for students of accredited colleges and universities. Proctoring is done by appointment only. To arrange for this service, please contact the library at 810.231.1771 and ask for Holly or send an email here

Laminate something
Hamburg Township Library offers lamination services to the public for $1.00/ft. If you need to have something laminated, please call 15 minutes ahead of your arrival so we can have the machine warmed up and ready to go when you arrive. If you choose to come in without calling, keep in mind the machine will take 15 minutes to warm up. Items can be left for pickup later that day or the next day. We cannot laminate anything thicker than a piece of cardstock.

Make a Copy
To make a copy on our public copier, fees are as follows: (8.5 x 11) $0.10/per one-sided page, BW; $0.15/per one-sided page, COLOR ...... (8.5 x 14/11 x 17) $0.15/per one-sided page, BW; $0.15/per one-sided page, COLOR. The machine takes change and $1/$5 bills.

Scan a Document
The library provides free public scanning of documents. Remember to bring a thumbdrive if you need to keep the scan of your document or be sure to have your email/password so you can send it to yourself.

Send a Fax
The library provides public faxing at the cost of $1.00/per page incoming and outgoing. Faxing is free (up to 20 pages a day) for those who are job seeking and sending resumes only. Our fax number is 810.231.1520.

Use the Ellison Die Cut Machine
The Ellison Die Cut Machine and dies are free for public use. You may either pick out your dies when you get here (by looking through the binder we provide) or Click here to browse the available dies.

Use a Public Computer/Use the Wi-Fi
Hamburg Township Library offers free publis computers for use in-building and free wi-fi that can be used throughout the building and in certain areas of the parking lot (close to the building). Click here to read our Internet Acceptable Use Policy.

Use SKYPE for an Interview
The library provides, free of charge, a laptop loaded with Skype and a webcam for job interviews only.
Please have your own Skype account and your interview date/time arranged in advance. Please call the library to let us know so we can set aside the equipment for you.

Use a Study Room
Hamburg Township Library has three quiet study rooms available for public use. Each room is designed to provide a quiet area for research, study, quiet collaboration, and reading. Use of these rooms is limited to non-profit civic, cultural, or educational objectives only. For-profit activities (professional sales and services, tutoring-for-fee, etc.) and social gatherings may not take place in the study rooms and is strictly prohibited. Click here to read our study room policy.