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Die Name Category Tiny Small Large X-Large
Acorns, Tiny Plants X
Airplane #1 Transportation X
Airplane #3 Transportation X
Alligator #3 Animals X
Anchor Transportation X
Angel #2 X
Ant Animals X
Apple Food X X
Apple, Tiny Food X
Arrow Shapes X X
Award 1B Shapes X X
Awards, Tiny Shapes X
Baby Bib 1 Babies X
Baby Bottle Babies X
Baby Carriage Babies X
Baby Rattle 2 Babies X
Badge, Sheriff Clothes X
Ballet Slippers Sports X
Balloon, Hot Air Transportation X
Balloons, Tiny X
Banana, Peeled Food X
Barn Buildings X
Baseball Sports X
Basketball Sports X
Basket, Bushel Food X
Bat Animals X
Bat Ball Glove Sports X
Bathtub X
Bear #1 Animals X
Beaver Animals X
Beetle Animals X
Bell X
Bicycle Transportation X
Bird #1 Birds X
Bird #3 Birds X
Birdhouse #1 Birds X
Bird of Paradise Plants X
Birthday Cake Food X
Block Alphabet, Cent Sign (1.25") Alphabets X
Block Alphabet, Dollar Sign (1.25") Alphabets X
Block Alphabet, Lower (1.25") Alphabets X
Block Alphabet, Number (1.25") Alphabets X
Block Alphabet, Tilde (1.25") Alphabets X
Block Alphabet, Upper (1.25") Alphabets X
Blue Jay Birds X
Bone X
Bookmark, Award Bookmarks X
Bookmark, Bird Bookmarks X
Bookmark, Bookworm Bookmarks X
Bookmark, Butterfly Bookmarks X
Bookmark, Cat Bookmarks X
Bookmark, Elephant Bookmarks X
Bookmark, Fish Bookmarks X
Bookmark, Heart Bookmarks X
Bookmark, Mouse Bookmarks X
Bookmark, Shamrock Bookmarks X
Bookmark, Star Bookmarks X
Bookmark, Teddy Bear Bookmarks X
Book, Open X
Border, Fence Borders X
Border, Icicles Borders X
Border, Santa Borders X
Bow Clothes X X
Bows, Tiny Clothes X
Box 1 Boxes X
Box 10 Boxes X
Box 11 Boxes X
Box 12 Boxes X
Box 14 Boxes X
Box 15 Boxes X
Box 4b Boxes X
Box 5 Boxes X
Box, Takeout Carton Boxes X
Boxcar Transportation X
Brontosaurus Animals X
Buffalo Animals X
Butterflies, Tiny Animals X
Butterfly Animals X
Buttons, Tiny Clothes X
Caboose Transportation X
Cactus #1 Plants X
Camera X
Campfire Camping X
Can Food X
Candy #1 Food X
Candy #2 Food X
Candy #3 Food X
Candy Cane Food X
Caption Boxes X
Car #1 Transportation X
Cardinal Birds X
Card Suits, Tiny Shapes X
Carousel Horse X X
Castle #2 Buildings X
Castle #3 Buildings X X
Cat #2 Animals X
Cat #3 Animals X
Cement Truck Transportation X
Champagne Bottle Food X
Cherries Food X
Christmas Light Holidays X
Christmas Stocking Holidays X
Christmas Tree #1 Holidays X
Christmas Tree #2 Holidays X
Christmas Wreath Holidays X
Circles (1" and 4") Shapes X
Circle (8") Shapes X
Clothespins, Tiny


Clouds Weather X
Computer Desktop X
Covered Wagon Transportation X
Cow Animals X
Cowboy Boot Clothes X
Cowboy Hat Clothes X
Coyote Animals X
Coyote with Kerchief Animals X
Crab Animals X X
Crayfish Animals X X
Crayon X
Crayons, Tiny X
Crocodile Animals X X
Crown #1 Clothes X
Cube (3-D) Shape X
Daffodil Flowers X
Daisy Flowers X
Diamond Shapes X
Dinosaurs, Tiny Dinosaurs X
D'Nealian Alphabet, Upper Alphabets X
D'Nealian Alphabet, Lower Alphabets X
D'Nealian Alphabet, Numbers Alphabets X
Dolphin Animals X
Door Hanger, Plain X
Dragon #2 Animals X X
Dragonfly Animals X X
Duck Animals X
Duck, Toy X
Easter Lily Flowers X
Elephant #1 Animals X
Excavator Transportation X
Fairy X
Fir Tree Plants X X
Firecracker Holidays X
Fireplace X
Fire Truck Transportation X
Fish #1 Animals X
Firsh #2 Animals X X
Fish #3 Animals X
Fish, Tiny Animals X
Flag #1 Shapes X
Fleur De Lis Shapes X
Flower #1a Flowers X
Flower #1b Flowers X X
Flower #3


Flower Pot Flowers X
Flowers #1, Tiny Flowers X
Flowers #2, Tiny Flowers X
Fly Animals X
Flying Saucer Outer Space X
Football Helmet Sports X
Footprint #2 Shapes X
Footprints, Tiny Shapes X
Four Leaf Clover Holidays X
Frog #2 Animals X
Frogs, Tiny Animals X
Ghost #1 Holidays X
Ghost #2 Holidays X
Gingerbread Man Holidays X
Gingerbread Man, Tiny Holidays X
Giraffe #1 Animals X
Graduate Cap #1a Clothes X X
Grapes Food X
Grasshopper Animals X
Grass Patch Plants X
Groundhog Animals X
Hammer Tools X
Hamster Animals X
Hanging Heart (3-D) Shapes X
Hanging Snowflake (3-D) Shapes X X
Happy Faces, Tiny Shapes X
Heart #1a Holidays X
Heart #2 Holidays X X
Hearts, Tiny Holidays X
Hen Animals X
Hexagon Shapes X
Horn, Saxophone Music X
Horn, Trumpet Music X
Horse #1 Animals X
House #1 Buildings X
House, Haunted Holidays X
Hummingbirg Birds X
Ice Cream Cone Food X
Iguana Animals X
Iris Flowers X
Italic Alphabet, Upper Alphabets X
Italic Alphabet, Cent Alphabets X
Italic Alphabet, Dollar Alphabets X
Italic Alphabet, Numbers Alphabets X
Italic Alphabet, Lower Alphabets X
Jar and Label Food X
Jellyfish Animals X
Jingle Bell Holidays X
Key #1 X
Key #2 X X
Kite X
Knife, Fork, Spoon Food X
Leaf, Birch Trees X X
Leaf, Maple Trees X X X
Leaf, Oak Trees X X
Leaf, Jungle Trees X
Leaf, Tiny Trees X
Lemon Food X
Library Symbol X
Light Bulb X
Lighthouse Buildings X
Lightning Bolt Weather X X
Lights, Tiny Holidays X
Lima Beans, Tiny Food X
Lion #2 Animals X
Lips X
Lizard Animals X
Locomotive Transportation X X
Manatee Animals X
Mitten Clothes X
Mittens, Tiny Clothes X
Monkey #1 Animals X
Monkey #3 Animals X
Moon Outer Space X X
Moon and Stars Outer Space X
Music I Music X
Music IV Music X
Music Notes, Tiny Music X
Music X Music X
No Sign Shapes X
Orange Food X
Orange Slice Food X
Ornament #1a Holidays X
Oval Shapes X
Owl #1 Birds X
Palm Tree Trees X X
Pansy Flowers X
Parakeet Birds X
Parallelogram/Trapezoid Shapes X
Paw Print #2 Animals X
Paw Prints, Tiny Animals X
Peach Food X
Pear Food X
Pelican Birds X
Penguin Animals X
Picnic Basket Food X
Picture Frame #1 X
Pig Animals X
Pineapple Food X
Planets #1 Outer Space X
Pliers Tools X
Poinsettia Holidays X
Police Car Transportation X X
Dog, Poodle Animals X
Poppy Flowers X
Pterodactyl Dinosaurs X
Pumpkin #1b Holidays X
Pumpkin Patch Holidays X
Dog, Puppy #1 Animals
Pyramid (3-D) Shapes X
Queen X
Rabbit #1 Animals X
Rabbit #7 Animals X
Raindrops Weather X X
Rectangle Shapes X
Reindeer Holidays X
Rhombus Shapes X
Rhombus/Triangle/Square Shapes X
Rocket Ship Transportation X
Rose #1 Flowers X X
Sailboat Transportation X
Santa #5 Holidays X
Saw Tools X
Scarecrow Holidays X
School Bus #1a Transportation X
Schoolhouse #1 Buildings X
Scorpion Animals X
Dog, Scottie Animals X
Screwdriver Tools X
Sea Horse Animals X
Sea Otter Animals X
Seed Packet Plants X
Shamrock Holidays X
Shamrocks, Tiny Holidays X
Skier Sports X
Skiploader Transportation X
Skull w/ Crossbones Holidays X
Snail Animals X
Snake #1 Animals X
Snowflake #2 Holidays X X
Snowflake #3 Holidays X X
Snowman #1 Holidays X
Snowman #2 Holidays X
Soccer Ball Sports X
Solder, Toy Holidays X
Spider Animals X
Square Shapes X
Squirrel Animals X
Star #1b Outer Space X
Stars, Tiny Outer Space X
Stegosaurus Dinosaurs X
Stingray Animals X
Sun #1c Weather X X
Sunglasses X
Swirl Shapes X X
Tags, Tiny X
Tank Car Transportation X
Teddy Bear #1c X
Teddy Bears, Tiny X
Telescope Outer Space X
Tent Camping   X
Cars, Tiny Transportation X
Checkmarks, Tiny X
Ghosts, Tiny Holidays X
Rabbits, Tiny Animals X
Snowflakes, Tiny Holidays X
Turkeys, Tiny Holidays X
Toucan Birds X
Trapezoid Shapes X
Tree Trees X X
Trees, Diorama Trees X
Triangle Shapes X
Triceratops Dinosaurs X
Tricycle Transportation X
Truck Transportation X
Tulip Flowers   X
Turkey Holidays X
Turtle #1b Animals X
Tyrannosaurus #1 Dinosaurs X
Tyrannosaurus #2 Dinosaurs X
Umbrella Weather X
Unicorn Animals X
Vagabond Alphabet, And Sign Alphabets X
Vagabond Alphabet, Cent Alphabets X
Vagabond Alphabet, Dollar Alphabets X
Vagabond Alphabet, Lower Alphabets X
Vagabond Alphabet, Numbers Alphabets X
Vagabond Alphabet, Upper Alphabets X
Vagabond Alphabet, Tilda Alphabets X
Velociraptor Dinosaurs X
Violin Music X
Volleyball Sports X
Watermelon Slice Food X
Waves, Diorama X
Wedding Bells Holidays X
Whale Animals X
Wind Weather X X
Witch Holidays X
Wrench Tools X
X-Ray X
X-mas Ornaments, Tiny Holidays X
X-Mas Stockings, Tiny Holidays X
Yak Animals X
Zebra Animals X