Hamburg Township Library
10411 Merrill Rd. PO Box 247
Hamburg, MI 48189


Library Board of Trustees Meeting
September 19, 2023 @ 7:00pm


Present: Jodie Colone, Mary Evergreen, Richelle Hocking, Bridget Rosek , Crystal Walter
Absent: None
Also Present: Holly Hentz, Christine Weber
Guest: Rana Emmons, Auditor from Post, Smythe, Lutz, Ziel.

Call to Order and Pledge to the Flag: This regular meeting of the Hamburg Township Library Board of Trustees was called to order by Richelle Hocking at 7:00pm in the Patricia Waters Community Room.

Approval Of
1) Motion to approve Agenda as presented made by Walter; Seconded by Rosek; Motion carried.
2) Motion to approve the minutes from August 15, 2023 as presented made by Rosek; Seconded by Walter; Motion carried.

Call to the Public: Kim Roberts present.

1) 2022-2023 Annual Audit Report with Rana Emmons.  Motion to accept 2022-2023 Audit with an unmodified opinion made by Walter; Seconded by Colone; Motion carried.
2) Motion to approve August 2023 Financial Report made by Walter; Seconded by Rosek; Motion carried.
3) Motion to approve Library Voucher #642 in the amount of $95,329.73 made by Evergreen; Seconded by Colone; Motion carried.

Librarian’s Report
1) In-house Statistics: 4,185 Patrons Served; 80 New Patrons; 6,706 Item Check-outs, 173 computer uses.
2) Online Statistics: 2,187 Libby;24 PressReader; 97 Zinio; 66 Fold3; 0 Heritage Quest; 13 TumbleBooks; 4 Niche Academy.
3) Other News: Meghan has started storytimes; she’s doing a good job. Approximately 30-40 have signed up for the Halloween program so far; New Lego Program is off to a good start!
4) Upcoming Programs
● 9/20 Read to Oscar the Dog @ 4:30pm
● 9/20 Tween Craft: Puzzle Piece Canvas Art @ 6:00pm
● 9/21 Guardians of Michigan: Architectural Sculpture of the Pleasant Peninsulas @ 6:30pm
● 9/23 Pierogi Making Class @ 3:00pm, $10
● 10/3 Drop-in Genealogy Help @ 1:00pm
● 10/4 Jackie’s Book Club: Killers of a Certain Age by Deanna Raybourn @ 1:00pm
● 10/7 WriteClub @ 1:00pm
● 10/9 Great Decisions @ 1:00pm
● 10/10 Lego Club @ 3:00pm
● 10/10 Albert Kahn: The Residences @ 6:30pm (sponsored by the Friends)
● 10/12 Gratiot: A Man, A Fort, A Road, A Lighthouse @ 6:30pm
● 10/14 Adult craft kit: Wicked Halloween Altered Book
● 10/17 Spice Club: Central Italy (v) @ 1:00pm
● 10/18 Meadow Brook Hall bus tour @ 9:00am, $35

1) None

Old Business
1) Board Member Vacancy Update - Walter and Colone interviewed 8 candidates and recommend Matthew Assenmacher.  Motion to offer board position to Matthew Assenmacher made by Hocking; Seconded by Walter. Motion carried.
2) Update: Patio & retaining wall maintenance work - work has been completed, very nice job.

New Business
1) Motion to approve $3,950.00 to upgrade presentation switcher made by Walter; Seconded by Evergreen; Motion carried.

Friends Report
1) 2022-2023 Annual Meeting was held on 9/13/23 and we had 23 attendees. Thanks to Mary Evergreen and Holly Hentz for attending. First election was completed and we were able to fill the 2 seats vacated by Judy Webber and Marilyn Pettigrove, the new role of Public Relations Director will remain on hold until a suitable candidate comes forward. Pat Dare and Mary Ellen Mulcrone are welcome additions to the board! FOHTL has raised over $8,000 for HTL since inception.  Since April 2023 we have tracked 38 volunteers who contributed 254.5 volunteer hours for Spring Book Sale and in the Gardens! Friends Gift Shop contributed $1,618.55 in 2022-2023!
2) Fall Book Sale Dates: Donations 10/25-28 during Library Hours.  Friends Pre-Sale 10/28 9:00am-12:00pm.  Open Book Sale 10/30-11/4 during Library Hours.
3) NEW Rummage Sale - 11/18
4) Currently have 133 Members and 3 Business Sponsors - NEWEST member is Lakeland Chiropractic!
5) Thankful to have a technical resource come forward to help us set up GoogleOne for the group!

Relevant Board Issues
1) Livingston County Library Trustees & Directors Dinner/Meeting is Wednesday, Nov. 1 @ 6:00pm at the Howell Library. Walter, Evergreen, Hocking will attend.  Others will check their calendars.   

Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Walter; seconded by Evergreen; Motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:08 p.m. Next Meeting: October 17 2023 @ 7:00pm