Hamburg Township Library

10411 Merrill Rd.    P.O.  Box 247

Hamburg, MI  48139



Hamburg Township Library Board of Trustees

January 16, 2007


Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm in the library meeting room.

Members present: Stella Campbell, Sandy Cavallaro, Peg Eibler and Keith Phelps

Absent: James Gleason and Barbaradell Kelley

Also present: Holly Hentz and Christine Weber.



1)  A motion to approve the agenda as presented was made by Campbell.  Seconded by Eibler. Motion carried.


2)  A motion to accept the minutes as presented from the December 19, 2006 meeting was made by Eibler.  Seconded by Campbell.  Motion carried.


3) A motion to accept the Financial Report ending December 31, 2006 was made by Eibler.  Seconded by Phelps.  Motion carried.


4) A motion to accept as presented voucher #442 for $33,647.65 was made by Phelps.  Seconded by Campbell.  Motion carried.


Librarianís Report

1)      Names of patrons with outstanding materials have been sent to collection agent.

2)      Chris DeBear from Library Design Assoc. was consulted regarding music room shelving. We are waiting for his room plan.

3)      Library has subscribed to World Book Encyclopedia Online, which permits home access.

4)      Library is sponsoring Kidís Day performer, Joel Tacey, on June 14 for Hamburg Family Fun Fest.



1)    Invitation from H.E.R.O. for a breakfast meeting on January 17th at Zukey Lake.


Old Business

1)      Computer conversion is complete.  Staff is in process of learning the numerous features of the software.

2)   Board discussed options for the longevity benefits.  Discussion will continue at February meeting.

New Business

1)      Storytellers Genie Bowman and Katherine Harrier will visit Farley Hill Elementary in March to conduct story hour sessions with the children.

2)      Hentz, Weber, Campbell and Cavallaro will attend millage workshop on March 23 in Saginaw.


Relevant Board Issues: 

1)      Hentz distributed numerous articles regarding the development of Hamburg Village Center, state-wide library issues, and MLAís new lobbying firm..


Call to the Public:   

1) None present


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Campbell.  Seconded byEibler.  Motion carried.


The meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.


Next meeting will be February 20, 2007 at 7:00pm.



Respectfully submitted,



Joan M. Dombrowski