Hamburg Township Library

10411 Merrill Rd.    P.O.  Box 247

Hamburg, MI  48139



Hamburg Township Library Board of Trustees

February 15, 2005


Meeting called to order at 7:00pm in the library meeting room.

Members present: Stella Campbell, Sandra Cavallaro, Barbaradell Kelley and Keith Phelps.

Absent: Peg Eibler, James Gleason.

Also present: Hentz and Weber.



Approval of:

A motion to accept the agenda as presented was made by Phelps.  Seconded by Kelley.  Motion carried.


A motion to accept the minutes as presented for January 18, 2005 was made by Cavallaro.  Seconded by Phelps. Motion carried.


Discussion of the financial report for January 2005 was tabled until the March meeting.


A motion to pay voucher #419 in the amount of $38,865.85 as presented was made by Kelley.  Seconded by Cavallaro.  Motion carried.


Librarianís Report:

1)      Federal and State tax forms are now available for the public in the lobby of the Library.

2)      Library programs have had good attendance. Folder with program evaluations was reviewed by Board members.

3)      Library will be closed Monday, Feb.21 for Presidentís Day.

4)      The local history collection is being organized by state, county and township categories.

5)      Audit has been scheduled for August 9 and 10.



1) None


Old Business:

1)      Defibrillator is installed on wall above public copy machine.  Staff received excellent training from the fire department.



New Business:

1)      State of Michigan budget cuts should not affect the library this year.  Many of the Library of Michiganís publications and mailings are available online and may be printed by the local library.

Relevant Board Issues: 

1)      None


Call to the Public:   

1)  None present


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Kelley.  Seconded by Cavallaro.  Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 7:20PM


Next meeting will be March 15, 2005 at 7:00pm.



Respectfully submitted,



Joan M. Dombrowski