Hamburg Township Library

10411 Merrill Rd.    P.O.  Box 247

Hamburg, MI  48139



Hamburg Township Library Board of Trustees

Minutes for December 15, 2009


Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm in the library meeting room.

Members present: Sally Crouch, Peg Eibler, Michaelene Farrell, Richelle Hocking and Duncan McIntyre.

Absent: Stella Campbell.

Also present: Holly Hentz and Christine Weber.



1)     A motion to accept the agenda as presented was made by Crouch.  Seconded by McIntyre.   Motion carried.


2)     A motion to approve the November 17, 2009 minutes as presented was made by Hocking.  Seconded by McIntyre.  Motion carried.


3)     A motion to table the Financial Report for November 2009 until January 2010 due to missing information from the Township Treasurer's Office was made by McIntyre.  Seconded by Crouch.  Motion carried.


4)     A motion to accept Library Voucher # 477 in the amount of $47,054.05 was made by Farrell.  Seconded by Hocking.  Motion carried.



Librarianís Report

1)     Hentz reported about 45 children visited Santa Claus.  Positive comments were received following the event.

2)     Fowlerville District Library rededicated their library following an addition of approximately 1000 square feet providing a meeting room plus two offices and new finishes throughout the existing building.

3)     Annual food drive contributions were down across the county.  Hamburg collected about 600 pounds.

4)     Library donated about 50 large print books to the Senior Center.



1)    Senior Center sent a thank you note for the book donations.


Old Business

1)     A motion to accept the Investment Policy as presented was made by McIntyre.  Seconded by Crouch.  Motion carried.

2)     The Township's Accounting Dept. is now refusing to settle library bank statements.  Hentz will ask for this decision to be stated formally in writing.  Also discussed was the library's CDs at 1st National Bank of Howell.  It was decided to leave all accounts as is for the time being, to be revisited in February.

3)     Dedication plaque for stained glass window was received and will be installed.

4)     Barracuda system installed and working.


New Business 

1)     Annual State Aid Report has been filed. There was an increase in number of items circulated and number of patrons.

2)     Donations received to the general library fund since September equal $770; garden maintenance fund donations equal about $688.

3)     A Community Garage Sale has been scheduled for May 22, 2010.  Profits will be split between the Senior Center and the library.


Relevant Board Issues

1) None.


Call to the Public

1)  None present.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Farrell.  Seconded by Hocking.   Motion carried.


The meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.



Next meeting will be January 19, 2010 at 7:00pm.