Hamburg Township Library

10411 Merrill Rd.    P.O.  Box 247

Hamburg, MI  48139



Hamburg Township Library Board of Trustees

April 20, 2010


Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm in the library meeting room.

Members present: Stella Campbell, Sally Crouch, Peg Eibler, Michaelene Farrell, Richelle Hocking and Duncan McIntyre.

Also present: Holly Hentz and Christine Weber.



1)     A motion to accept the agenda as presented was made by Crouch.  Seconded by Farrell.   Motion carried.


2)     A motion to approve the March 16, 2010 minutes as presented was made by Hocking.  Seconded by Crouch.  Motion carried.



Call to the Public

1)     None present.




1)     A motion to approve the Financial Report for March 2010 was made by Campbell. Seconded by Crouch.  Motion carried.  


2)     A motion to accept Library Voucher # 481 in the amount of $60,338.46 was made by Campbell.  Seconded by Farrell.  Motion carried.



Librarianís Report

1)     Hentz attended the LEG-UP meeting.  LEG-UP will be a clearing house of information to begin a business. Chambers of Commerce, libraries, schools, and other organizations are sponsors.

2)     Book sale netted more than $275.

3)     Pat Hohl sheared a sheep as part of the Libraryís story hour program.  Event was recorded by the local press.

4)     Livingston County New Economy Summit, in an effort to retain and drawn in new citizens, will identify assets of the county and promote same.




1)  None



Old Business

1)     Hentz and Eibler met with patron on April 12. Full library privileges are restored. Patron policy was reviewed again.

2)     Hentz revisited the bent page complaint and with contact patron with possible solution. 

3)     Township DPW will maintain the library grounds for $150/month.



New Business 

1)     Library seeking volunteers to work in flower beds on May 15th.

2)     Hentz and Weber went over the proposed 2010-2011 budget. Board trustees are encouraged to contact Hentz or Weber with questions or concerns. 



Relevant Board Issues

1) Campbell complimented Marilyn Grinnell on the high quality of her adult enrichment programs.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Hocking.  Seconded by Campbell.   Motion carried.


The meeting adjourned at 8:21pm.



Next meeting will be May 18,  2010 at 7:00pm.