Hamburg Township Library
10411 Merrill Rd. P.O. Box 247
Hamburg, MI 48139
Board of Trustees Meeting
March 15, 2016 @ 7:00pm
Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:00pm in the library meeting room.
Members present: Andrew Byerly, Sally Crouch, Peg Eibler, Michaelene Farrell, Richelle Hocking and Jim Katakowski.
Absent: None.
Also present: Holly Hentz and Christine Weber.
Approval of
1) A motion to approve the agenda as presented was made by Crouch. Seconded by Hocking. Motion carried.
2) A motion to approve the minutes from February15, 2016 meeting as presented was made by Hocking. Seconded by Crouch. Motion carried.
Call to the public
None present.
New Business
1) Motion to update the Emergency Weather Closing policy to allow all employees scheduled to work on a day that requires an emergency closing will receive pay for their scheduled hours at their regular hourly pay made by Byerly. Seconded by Crouch. Motion carried. 2) Christie Wagner explained the “Bridge to Literacy”, a ConnectED program. In partnership with Pinckney Library, this program will give library cards to all students in the Pinckney Community Schools. The cards can be used at both libraries. We will be the fourth library in the state and first in Livingston County to implement this program.
1) A motion to accept the Financial Report for February 2016 was made by Crouch. Seconded by Hocking. Motion carried.
2) A motion to accept Library Voucher #552 in the amount of $55,068.34 was made by Farrell. Seconded by Hocking. Motion carried.
Librarian’s Report
1) Statistics:
 The monthly people counter indicates average of 178 patrons per day.
 E-book circulation was 267 and Zinio stats (digital magazine) was 103/6 issues.
 Number of new patrons in December was 62
 Number of items checked-out was 5,358
2) Marketing update:
 Instagram: 72 followers, Twitter 190 followers, Facebook: 478 followers
 Movie at Howell Theater (166 people attended), presidential primary on 3/8 brought out many new faces, had a table at Navigator School’s Spring Fling (over 200 people visited the table).
3) Other news: 85 people attended the AA Symphony Brass Quintet
4) Upcoming Programs:
 3/16 Livingston reads evening book discussion: The Martian, Free, 6:30pm
 3/17 WWII in Detroit, Free, 6:30pm,
 3/21 Monday Movies: E.T., Free, 6:00pm
 3/22 Space Exploration Free, 6:30pm
 3/23 Raising Young Readers, Free 6:30pm
 3/25 Thursday Matinee: The Intern, Free, 1:00pm
 4/2 Saturday Family Cinema: Turkey Hollow, Free, 1:00pm
 4/4 Great Decisions,, Free, 6\1:30pm & Monday Movies: Gravity, Free, 6:00pm
 4/6 Library Book Club: Returning to Earth Motor City Roots, Free, 6:30pm
 4/7 Lunch & Learn: Magnetic Fun, Free, Noon
 4/7 Author Talk w/ Andy Weir, Free, 7:00pm
 4/9 Antiques Appraisal Show & Tell, Free, 1:30pm
 4/12 Aquatic Adventures, Free, 6:30pm
 4/14 Zentangle, $5.00, 6:30pm
1) Carolyn Anderson-Fermannn wrote an e-mail thanking Amy Crockett for her positive experience in her presentation: Simply Organized Life
Old Business
1) Update: Donated stocks have been invested in PNC.
2) Update: Power back-up server installed, public wireless printing equipment being installed on Friday, meeting room tables have been redesigned delaying delivery into April, meeting room shades to be installed in late March.
Relevant Board Issues
1) United for Libraries: Short Takes for Trustees tabled to April meeting.
2) Board members discussed possible investment sources other than CD.
1) A motion to adjourn was made by Eibler. Seconded by Crouch. Motion carried.
The meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.
Next meeting will be April 19, 2016 at 7:00pm.
Respectfully submitted,