Hamburg Township Library

10411 Merrill Rd.    PO  Box 247

Hamburg, MI  48139



Hamburg Township Library Board of Trustees

July 26, 2005


Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm. in the study room by Campbell.

Members present: Stella Campbell, Sandra Cavallaro, Peg Eibler and Barbaradell Kelley.

Absent: Holly Hentz, James Gleason and Keith Phelps

Also present: Bree Stokanovich and Christine Weber.



Approval of:

A motion to accept the agenda as presented was made by Eibler.  Seconded by Kelley.  Motion carried.


A motion to accept the minutes as corrected “second presentation of Science Alive should read third presentation” for June 21, 2005 was made by Kelley.  Seconded by Eibler. Motion carried.


Weber gave preliminary information regarding the June 2005 financial statement.


A motion to pay voucher #424 as presented in the amount of $44,039.71 as of July 26, 2005 was made by Eibler.  Seconded by Cavallaro.  Motion carried.


Librarian’s Report:

1)      Stokanovich reported at least 50% attendance for the entertainment and 70% attendance for the craft projects in the SRP. Board discussed options to increase attendance as these enrichments have 100% capacity sign-up.  Field Day was well attended.

2)      Fall/Winter newsletter went to printers on July 18th.

3)      Water softener was adjusted to prevent rusty water.

4)      Circulation is up 15.8% for 2004/2005. Campbell acknowledged the staff’s efforts resulting in this increase.

5)      New computer classes will start in September.



1)  None


Old Business:

1)      A motion to accept the updated Internet Policy with the new title reading as “Internet Acceptable Use Rules Including Wireless Service” was made by Kelley.  Seconded by Cavallaro.   Motion carried.

2)      The wireless antenna has been moved to a more central location for stronger/better reception.


New Business:

1)  None


Relevant Board Issues: 

1)      Weber shared the certificates of recognition for employee employment.  These will be presented at the next staff meeting on August 5th at 10am. H. Hentz will receive a ten year certificate while J. Karfonta will receive a fifteen year certificate.


Call to the Public:   

1)      None present



A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Eibler.  Seconded by Kelley.  Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm.


Next meeting will be August 16, 2005 at 7:00pm.



Respectfully submitted,



Joan M. Dombrowski