Hamburg Township Library
10411 Merrill Rd. P.O. Box 247
Hamburg, MI 48139
Board of Trustees Meeting
August 16, 2016 @ 7:00pm
Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:00pm in Group Study Room B.
Members present: Sally Crouch, Peg Eibler, Michaelene Farrell, Richelle Hocking, and Jim Katakowski.
Absent: Jodie Colone.
Also present: Holly Hentz and Christine Weber.
Approval of
1) A motion to approve the agenda as presented was made by Crouch. Seconded by Hocking. Motion carried.
2) A motion to approve the minutes from July 19, 2016 meeting as presented was made by Farrell. Seconded by Crouch. Motion carried.
Call to the public
1) Mary Evergreen.
1) A motion to accept the Financial Report for June 2016 made by Crouch. Seconded by Hocking. Motion carried.
2) A motion to move $ 82,500.00 into the Capital Improvements fund made by Crouch. Seconded by Hocking. Motion carried.
3) Motion to accept the Financial Report for July 2016 made by Hocking. Seconded by Crouch. Motion carried.
4) A motion to accept Library Voucher #557 in the amount of $58,662.59 was made by Farrell. Seconded by Hocking. Motion carried.
Librarian’s Report
1) Statistics: People counter average: 183, new patrons: 64, item checkouts: 8,575, e-book checkouts: 291, zinio checkouts: 77, computer use: 360.
2) Marketing update: Instagram: 84 followers, Twitter 238 followers, Facebook: 515 followers. Front page full color article in the Daily Press & Argus on birthday picnic (8/2/16). Picnic fliers posted at 11 local businesses. Present at Senior Power Day on 8/5/16 with approx. 350 visitors.
3) Other News: September is the start of “A Bridge to Literacy” program that gives all Pinckney Community Schools students a library card. The birthday picnic had 178 attendees.
4) Upcoming Programs:
 8/17 Library Book Club movie showing: Empire Falls, Free, 1:00pm
 8/18 Thursday Matinee: The Lady in the Van, Free, 1:00pm
 9/1 Online Scrapbooking, Free, Noon
 9/7 Library Book Club: The Yokota Officers Club, Free, 1:00pm
 9/7 Built In Detroit: Rise of the UAW, Free, 6:30pm
 9/12 Great Decisions, Free, 1:30pm
 9/12 SCORE Business Mentoring, Free, 5:00-6:00pm
 9/13 Long-Term Care, Free, 6:30pm
 9/14 Getting Started with Your Genealogy Search, Free, 6:30pm
 9/15 Thursday Matinee: Joy, Free, 1:00pm
 9/19 Essential Oils Workshop, $5.00, 6:30pm
 9/19 All Storytimes start this week!
1) None.
Old Business
1) Township ADA Audit update: We have received a report of what needs to be fixed/updated. All items have been prioritized and we will work with the township on completing the tasks.
New Business
1) Annual Library Directors & Trustees Dinner & Meeting set for Wed., Oct. 19 @ 6:30pm at the Howell Library. Discussion topic is Libraries of the Future. Attending: Farrell, Hocking, Katakowski, Evergreen, Hentz, Weber.
2) Community needs assessment survey was discussed. Board was presented with statistics showing circulation, program attendance, patronage, etc. The assessment survey will be discussed further after the Oct. 19 program. Hentz will start reporting the number of building permits issued by the zoning dept. each month.
3) The board reviewed the by-laws and discussed changes to be made. Hentz will present the proposed changes at the September meeting.
Relevant Board Issues
1) Table trustee video until new projector system is installed.
2) Monthly policy review will begin at the September meeting. Any changes made throughout the year will be gathered and presented at the July meeting. To be reviewed for September: Public Operating, Sections 1 - 11.
A motion to adjourn was made by Crouch. Seconded by Katakowski. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:05pm.
Next meeting will be September 20, 2016 @ 7:00pm.