Hamburg Township Library Board of Trustees

April 15, 2003



Meeting called to order at 7:04pm.

Members present: Eibler, Campbell, Gleason, Kelley, Pettigrove

Absent: Ford

Also present: Hentz, Weber



A motion to accept the agenda with the additions of VII A. Campbell; B. Pettigrove  was made by Campbell. Seconded by Pettigrove.  Motion carried.


A motion to accept the minutes of the March 18, 2003 special meeting with the Hamburg Township Trustees with the correction “Increasing to Sunday” was made by Campbell. Seconded by Pettigrove.  Motion carried.


A motion to accept the minutes as written for the March 18, 2003 regular meeting was made Campbell. Seconded by Kelley.  Motion carried.


A motion to table the financial report for the period ending March 31, 2003 was made by Pettigrove. Seconded by Kelley.  Motion carried.


A motion to accept voucher #397 for $28,762.93 was made by Pettigrove.  Seconded by Campbell. Motion carried.


A motion to accept as presented the payment of Bond Voucher #032 for $18,619.20 (Baker & Taylor Entertainment-$220.89; Baker & Taylor-$4,495.42; Hamburg Twp Library-$190.01; Hamburg Township-$1,425.00; Library Design Assoc. $11,349.53 and Mason Crest Publishers-$515.35) was made by Kelley. Seconded by Pettigrove.  Motion carried at 7:22pm.


Librarian’s Report

·        Newsletter was positively received by residents. Results are increased card registration, program sign-up, use of new equipment.

·        National Library Week programs well attended. Several participants came from Hartland, Fowlerville and Howell.

·        Upcoming program: May 10, 9am to 1pm: “Your 4 Lives Can Be a 10” given by motivational speak Merrill Lundgren. May 21 6:30pm: “North American Birds” slide show from Naturalist Endeavors.

·        Received Bell-Borek Funeral Home’s donation of $500 for the Toys to Tots program. Donations are set aside to further develop music collection. Currently have184 music CDs with circulation of 1173 (since 6/02).

·        Brighton Rotary Club requested library to display 10 art fish. This is a fundraiser to help rid the world of polio.

·        Laugh It Up @ Your Library is library’s summer reading program. Kickoff party is Friday, June 20 from 7-9pm.  The 8 weeks of reading conclude with a summer reading pizza party.

·        Super Saturday movies will beheld twice a month. List available at counter.



Old Business

·        Front desk is tabulating patrons’ presence.  For the period 3/3 to 4/14 the weekly average of 21 patrons stayed until 8:30. 6 patrons arrived after 8pm.


New Business

·        Northland Maintenance Services have made a bid on grounds maintenance.  Waiting for 3 more bids before awarding a contract.

·        Weber distributed copies of the 2003-2004 proposed budget for review. Discussion followed. Deadline of May 1st for giving Weber changes to be make in the budget.  Final budget will be presented at May meeting.


Relevant Board Issues:

·        Campbell requested investigating the possibility of installing a light at the intersection of the parking lot and driveway.  Hentz will contact Auch about this.

·        Pettigrove continues to work with American Red Cross to set up blood drive on a Thursday in April 2004. No definite date yet.



·        Michigan Library Newsletter circulated.  Mentioned library’s Hawaiian party on front page.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Pettigrove.  Seconded by Gleason.  Motion carried.


The meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.


Next meeting will be May 13, 2003 at 7 P.M.



Respectfully submitted,




Joan M. Dombrowski