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Services at the Library

The Hamburg Library provides many services to its patrons as well as the township in general.


The meeting rooms in the Hamburg Township Library are available for educational, cultural, and civic purposes. Rooms are not available for partisan political rallies or for purely social occasions.

Non-Profit within Hamburg Township (FREE)
Non-Profit outside Hamburg Township ($25 per room, per hour)
For-Profit within Hamburg Township ($25 per room, per hour)
For-Profit outside Hamburg Township (No use of meeting room)

• Fees associated with room use must be paid at time of reservation. Sales or the distribution of merchandise for sale will not be allowed except in conjunction with library programs.

• No refunds will be made unless the library must close due to an emergency situation.

• Profit-making organizations must provide proof of an appropriate level of liability insurance with Hamburg Township named as additional insured.

• All groups using the rooms must be under adequate adult supervision with an adult in attendance at all times.

• Groups wishing to use the rooms must fill out an application a minimum of one week prior to use. The contact persons listed on the application will be notified of approval.

• Meeting rooms may be reserved no more than two (2) months in advance.

• At least one of the two contact persons must be present and check in at the front service desk on the day reserved in order for the room(s) to be used.

• The rooms must be vacated at least 15 minutes prior to closing of the building.

• No admission fee is to be charged for meetings or exhibits. A non-profit fee to cover cost of light refreshments, expenses for a speaker, film rentals, etc. may be charged with approval by the Director.

• Clean-up is the responsibility of the individual organizations. Light refreshments may be served in community rooms only. The group must provide its own utensils for serving and preparation. Alcoholic beverages and anything red may not be served. Groups using the rooms are responsible for the condition of the rooms. They will be billed for any damage to the room as result of their use.

• Meeting room set-up and take down is the responsibility of the Library staff.

• Items to be displayed shall not be taped or tacked to the walls or folding partition. The library assumes no responsibility for any materials on display. The sponsoring group is responsible for supervision and security. The group must also assume responsibility for any necessary insurance for loss, fire, and damage.

• Groups using the room agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Hamburg Township Library and Hamburg Township, representatives and all parties involved, from any and all suits, actions, claims, or demands of any character or nature arising out of or brought on account of any injuries or damages sustained by any person as a consequence or result of the use of the rooms, their furnishings, or equipment.

• By applying for use of the meeting rooms the sponsoring group acknowledges that its activity is not sponsored by the Hamburg Township Library and Hamburg Township and agrees that they will not identify the above organizations as parties associated in any way with their group’s activities in any of their literature or publicity.

• The sponsoring organization is responsible for all promotional activities (fliers, publicity, registration, etc.).

• Upon adequate notice, the Library reserves the right to withdraw permission for the use of any meeting room. The program and meeting needs of the library will take precedence over meeting room use requests made by other community groups.

If Submitting Online, please contact the library within the next few days to check on your submission


Study Room Policy

1. Hamburg Township Library has three quiet study rooms available for public use. Each room is designed to provide a quiet area for research, study, quiet collaboration, and reading. Use of these rooms is limited to non-profit civic, cultural, or educational objectives only. For-profit activities (professional sales and services, tutoring-for-fee, etc.) and social gatherings may not take place in the study rooms and is strictly prohibited.

2. Study rooms are available to all Hamburg Township Library cardholders in good standing on a first-come, first-served basis.

3. Study rooms will be locked when not in use. Patrons must check-in at the Service Desk for a key, which must be returned to the Service Desk after use. If the key is lost or not returned, the borrower will be charged $30.00 for the replacement cost.

4. Study rooms may be used for a maximum of 2 hours at a time. This time may be extended by ½ hour increments if no one is waiting to use the room. All rooms must be vacated 15 minutes prior to closing time.

5. A maximum of two people may use each room at any given time. Users will be asked to leave the room if the capacity has been exceeded or if the room is used inappropriately.

6. Those who use the study rooms are asked to keep in mind the rooms are not sound proof. Use of headphones is recommended with personal devices.

7. Those who use the study rooms must occupy them. Items left in an unoccupied room will be considered abandoned after 15 minutes and may be removed by the staff. The library does not assume any responsibility or liability for the security of personal items left unattended.

8. Patrons must follow all library behavior and internet-use policies while in the study rooms, including, but not limited to:
• Food and Drink: Food is prohibited. Beverages must have spill-proof lids at all times.
• Cell Phone Use: Phones turned off, or set to silent mode. Phone conversations are permitted in the lobby area only.
• Unattended Children: Children under the age of 11 may not be left unattended in the library.

9. Users are responsible for the condition of the study rooms.
• Taping, stapling, or tacking materials to the walls or other furnishings is prohibited.
• Tables are not to be repositioned; chairs may not be added, removed, or substituted unless necessary to comply with ADA.

10. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in loss of study room privileges.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy Including Wireless Service

1. Only one person may use a computer at a time, except for an adult working with a child.

2. A parent or adult guardian must remain with children under the age of 18 at all times.

3. Files may not be downloaded onto the hard drive.

4. Use the computers and equipment in a manner that does not damage the equipment. Do not change the configuration of any of the software on these computers.

5. Printing costs 10 cents per page and must be paid at the circulation desk. Color printing 15 cents.

6. Time slots are 30 minutes long. If there is no one waiting to use the computer after the 30 minutes are up, you may continue to use the computer until it is needed. Computer sessions will not begin less than 30 minutes before closing.

7. The Library reserves the right to end an Internet session at any time if it is causing a disruption.

8. The Library does not offer access to chat groups.

9. Internet users must respect all applicable copyright restrictions.

10. The Library staff will be happy to help as much as possible but cannot provide in-depth training concerning the Internet, computer jargon or personal computer use. We may, however, be able to offer searching suggestions and answer questions. If you have never used computers or have specific questions about the Internet, instructional books are available for your use.

11. Internet users must respect the privacy of others, not utilize the facilities directly or indirectly in the commission of a crime and agree to hold harmless the Hamburg Township Library from any claims and expenses relating to that user's violations of the rules and guidelines.

12. By using the Internet computer at the Hamburg Township Library you agree to abide by the Internet Acceptable Use Policy. Misuse of the computers or the Internet will result in the loss of your Internet privileges.

13. Understand that it is a Federal crime to access any child pornography or obscene material. The library staff will contact the Hamburg Township Police Department to report any criminal activity.

Internet Acceptable Use Guidelines

Public access to the Internet is available to all users of the Hamburg Township Library who are at least 18 years old. The Library is making the Internet available to the public as an informational and educational resource in support of our mission to serve the educational and informational needs of Hamburg Township residents.

The Internet is a vast network linking millions of computers around the world. The Internet resources provide unprecedented opportunities to expand the scope of information available to users. However, there is no regulation of the content on the Internet.

The Hamburg Township Library has no control of the Internet and its resources and assumes no responsibility for the quality, accuracy, or currency of any Internet resource. The availability of information links often changes rapidly and unpredictably. Not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete, or current information. The Library assumes no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from use of its World Wide Web server or from its connection to other Internet services. Users should evaluate Internet sources more carefully than they do printed publication, questioning the validity of the information provided.

Users are cautioned that ideas, points of view and images can be found on the Internet that are controversial, divergent, and/or inflammatory. The provision of access does not mean or imply that the Library endorses or sanctions the content of any information that may be found on the Internet.

The Internet may contain material of a controversial nature. The Library does not censor access to material found on the Internet. Users are cautioned that, because security in an electronic environment cannot be guaranteed, all transactions, files, and communication are vulnerable to unauthorized access and use and, therefore, should be considered public.

Parents of minor children must assume responsibility for their children's use of the Internet through the Library's connection by being with their children at all times.

Parents and/or guardians are responsible for the Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children. Children are not allowed to use the Internet unsupervised. Parents are encouraged to discuss the use of the Internet in relation to family values and boundaries with the children and to monitor their children's use of the Internet.

Because the Library's Internet computer is in a public area, users are asked to consider the various ages, backgrounds, and sensibilities of the public when accessing potentially controversial information and images. The Library reserves the right to ask individuals to discontinue the display of information and images that cause a disruption.

Availibility: 10 Internet Stations

All stations contain: Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point and Access.

  • Ellison DieCut Machine

  • Ellison Die Listing (with examples)
    1. Free for Public Use
    2. User will supply their own materials
    3. Images of most dies can be found in the binder at the Circulation Desk

    Types of Paper that can be used: If you can cut the item with scissors it may work in the Ellison Die Machine.
  • Construction Paper
  • Rubber
  • Sponge
  • Cardboard
  • Magnet
  • Fabric
  • Wallpaper
  • Con-Tact Paper
  • Fuffle Board
  • Wood (Balsa)
  • Thin Metal

  • Approximate Die Sizes
    Tiny Dies
    Small Dies --- 3 inches x 2 inches
    Large Dies --- 4 inches x 6 inches
    XL Dies --- 9 inches x 11 inches
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  • DVD/TV

    1. Available free for scheduled Meeting Room use.
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  • Fax Machine

    1. Available for public use.
    2. Cost $1.00 per page .. both outgoing and receiving
    3. Our fax number is: 810.231.1520
    4. Faxes (resumes only) are free for job seekers (up to 20 pages per person/per day).
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  • Laminator

    1. For public use but actual laminating will be done by staff.
    2. FEE= $1.00 per foot of laminate material used.
    3. Please call ahead so the machine has time to warm up (10 mins. minimum).
    4. If possible, laminating will be done immediately but depending on staffing, materials may have to be left for pick up the next morning (at latest).
    5. 25in. maximum on width of item being laminated.
    6. Anything thicker than paper may not laminate well.
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  • Laptops

    1. Available free for adults at least 18 years of age (must have drivers' license)
    2. Laptops can be used in-house ONLY
    3. User must hand over his/her drivers' license (the license will be kept at the desk until laptop is returned)
    4. All contents must be accounted for before license is returned.
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  • LCD/Data Projector

    1. Available free for scheduled Meeting Room use.
    2. May be used with laptop computer, DVD player and Opaque Projector to project images onto wall screen.
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  • Microphone and Podium

    1. Available free for scheduled Meeting Room use.
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  • Opaque Projector

    1. Available free for scheduled Meeting Room use.
    2. Works much like an Overhead Projector but item being projected does not have to be transparent. Items can be paper, books, solid objects, etc.
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  • Overhead Projector

    1. Available free for scheduled Meeting Room use.
    2. Images to be projected must be on transparent paper in order to be seen on wall screen.
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  • Photocopier

    1. Both black&white and color.
    2. Cost is: for B&W: $0.10 for regular size paper ... $0.15 for larger paper ... for Color: $0.15 for regular size paper ... $0.20 for larger paper
    3. Copies (up to 20 per person/per day) are free for job seekers including resumes.
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  • Scanner

    1. Color, flatbed.
    2. Please bring burnable CD-R or thumbdrive to save images to.
    3. Available free.
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  • Skype (for job interviews)

    1. Available free.
    2. Please have your own Skype account and your interview date/time arranged in advance.
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  • Slide Projector

    1. Available free for scheduled Meeting Room use.
    2. May use own slide carousel or bring in slides for use in library carousel.
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Homebound Connection is a free service available to Hamburg Township residents who have permanent or long-term temporary conditions (medical leave due to surgery, etc.) that prohibit them from safely visiting the library for at least six (6) weeks.

Click here to view the brochure.
Click here for an application.
The Hamburg Township Library offers proctoring services at no cost for students of accredited colleges and universities. Proctoring is done by appointment only. To arrange for this service, please contact the library at 810.231.1771 and ask for Holly or send an email here
Ancestry Library Edition delivers billions of records in census data, vital records, directories, photos, and more. The library offers this service at no cost to the patrons but it can only be used at the library.

Staff does not provide assistance in using Ancestry Library Edition.
The library provides public faxing at the cost of $1.00/per page incoming and outgoing.
Faxing is free (up to 20 pages a day) for those who are job seeking and sending resumes only.
Our fax number is 810.231.1520
The library provides, free of charge, a laptop loaded with Skype and a webcam for job interviews only.

Please have your own Skype account and your interview date/time arranged in advance.
Please call the library to let us know so we can set aside the equipment for you.

10411 Merrill Road Box 247
Hamburg, MI. 48139

810.231.1771 (main)
810.231.1520 (fax)
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